Surfrider San Mateo County Chapter

The Team

We currently have volunteer leadership and other positions open. More info

If you’re interested in any of the open positions, or if you have any questions regarding membership or other volunteer opportunities, please contact Rhonda Harper at


Chair: Kari Mueller

Vice Chair: Britt Bensen

Treasurer: Ashley Gray

Policy Manager and Secretary: Kimberly Williams

Volunteer Coordinator: Rhonda Harper

Member at Large: Chris DeVry

Member at Large: Ryan Searcy


Beach Cleanup Coordinator: Reid Bogert

Blue Water Task Force: Chris DeVry

Communications: Emily Repech

Events Coordinator: Gina Habliston

Fundraising Coordinator: Britt Bensen

Policy Manager: Kimberly Williams

Policy Coordinators: George Domurat & John Claussen

Website Manager: Galen Goyer