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Executive Committee
Edmundo Larenas
With BS degrees in both Oceanography and Biochemistry from Humboldt State University, Ed has been involved with the San Mateo Surfrider Chapter for over ten years. He has worked as a Scientist at a leading Biotechnology firm for 20 years focusing on Biofuels. He has lived and surfed on the San Mateo coast for over 30 years. In the mid 80s he and his wife sailed their 30 foot sloop to South America, the South Pacific and back via Hawaii. In his role as Chair, Ed is responsible for fulfilling the mission of the chapter and presides at meetings of the chapter and the Executive Committee. He has general supervision of the operation of the chapter and is the primary contact with Surfrider Foundation National Headquarters.

Amber Gill
Vice Chair & Marketing Director
A graduate of San Jose State University with a BA degrees in Finance and Marketing, Amber grew up in the South Bay Area. She worked as a licensed financial planner for several years prior to pursuing her entrepreneurial aspirations. She is still learning to surf and her first ever surfing lesson was at Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa. As Vice Chair, she is responsible for planning, organizing and directing a program that ensures membership retention and membership growth. She also oversees development of the chapter website and social networking efforts.

Greg Becker
Volunteer Coordinator

We are looking for Executive Committee volunteers for the following positions:
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Vice Chair
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Volunteer Coordinator
Coordinate current volunteers and build chapter membership.
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Record meetings and topics of discussion of the chapter and of the Executive Committee.
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