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Below are schools currently participating in our program:
Alvin S. Hatch Elementary School
Half Moon Bay, CA
Sea Crest School
Half Moon Bay, CA

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Coastal Classrooms
An interactive in-class field trip through the watershed.

Our Coastal Classrooms program is an exciting in-class workshop exploring a coastal watershed, learning about the causes of pollution and understanding their role in stewardship and pollution prevention.

Classroom Instruction
Prior to hands-on activities, students view an educational video called Sea to Summit: A Journey through the Watershed, produced by the Surfrider Foundation. They are introduced to the water cycle, the process of sedimentation, and the watershed concept.

Watershed Model
Students explore a watershed hands-on via a model that demonstrates what a watershed is and how non-point source pollution affects surface and ocean water quality.
  • Enviroscape® Model - Student interact with a simple watershed model that demonstrates point and non-point sources of pollution and its effects on the the surrounding "neighborhood" and ocean. Students help create sources of pollution and simulate rain that acts to carry the pollution down the watershed. The program facilitator helps students make the connection between what happens in the model and real-life examples, encouraging students in their own watersheds.
Students are engaged during and after the workshop activities to reflect on their observations.

Classroom visit are FREE and are made possible through the efforts or our volunteers and grant funding through the San Mateo County Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program.

The Watershed Discovery Workshop includes content per standards put forth by the California Department of Education:
  • 4th Grade: Life Sciences, Earth Sciences, and Investigation & Experimentation
  • 5th Grade: Earth Sciences, and Investigation & Experimentation


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We are looking for Coastal Classroom volunteers for the following positions:
Classroom Presenter, Coastal Classrooms
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Program Manager, Coastal Classrooms
Oversee and direct the efforts of our classroom education program.
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