Members of our chapter attended the Global Wave Conference, hosted by Save The Waves Coalition and Surfrider Foundation.

The conference featured speakers from around the world and across walks of life who all realize that healthy ocean, beaches, and waves are critical human health, economics, social justice, environmental justice, and overall well-being. It fostered a sense of urgent and committed purpose to protect the ocean and the many beaches and waves that are endangered, through Shaun Tomson’s The Code: The Power Of “I Will” statements of action.  

The Global Wave conference combined these emotional and logical elements to build coalitions across a diversity of cultures, nations, and livelihoods to advance our efforts on multiple, needed fronts.

We shared the knowledge and tools with other organizations involved in global wave, ocean, and environmental sustainability; as well as international Surfrider chapters (Japan, Europe, Australia, Brazil, Chile, Peru, and more) in order to make a positive difference in the ocean, bay, beaches, and waves across San Mateo County.

Meeting with other like-minded individuals from around the world inspired immediate action to meet with other organizations, and convene with new mentors and collaborators.

For more information about the Global Wave Conference, visit:

*Thank you to our Surfrider San Mateo County Secretary, Taletha Derrington, for sharing her experience of the conference in this post.