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Open Martin's Beach - Coastal Act Litigation

10 • 01 • 2018

Open Martin's Beach - Coastal Act Litigation

Restore Public Access at Martin's Beach

Martins Beach is a pocket beach just south of Half Moon Bay. It had long been visited by the public until soon after it was sold in 2008 to a then-anonymous owner for $32.5 million. Not long after the property changed hands, the billboard was painted over and a keycard gate was closed permanently to the public. Currently, the San Mateo County Chapter and its allies are working together to Open Martins Beach once again to the public and to the families who have enjoyed it for generations.

In 2013, Surfrider Foundation filed a lawsuit against Martins Beach I and II LLC under the California Coasal Act.  Surfrider Foundation was successful at trial court, appellate court, and on October 1, 2018, the United States Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal by propertyowner Vinod Khosla, finalizing our litigation victory.  Under the court order, the property must remain open to the public as it was with the previous property owners unless or until Vinod Khosla applies for a Coastal Development Permit under the requirements of the Coastal Act.