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Protect Pacifica Beach - Advocate for alternatives to a sea wall

Protect Pacifica Beach - Advocate for alternatives to a sea wall

The City of Pacifica is currently in the process of a “Beach Boulevard Infrastructure Resiliency Project,” designed to protect public infrastructure, recreational activities, numerous homes, businesses, and the community at large, from further impacts due to continued coastal erosion. It aims to replace the current seawall and outdated infrastructure while building climate resilience into the most vulnerable segment of the City of Pacifica’s shoreline.

Surfrider Foundation’s San Mateo County Chapter is concerned this project may result in a seawall or rock revetment. It is clear that the alternatives analysis only very briefly considers living shorelines and landward relocation, and prematurely rules out these options. The chapter opposes the seawall or rock revetment alternatives presented in this analysis, and we instead advocate for solutions that include living shorelines, landward relocation, or a combined landward relocation and living shoreline strategy. 

Surfrider urges the City of Pacifica to look for solutions that will restore Pacifica's beach. The beach once was, and still can be, the City's greatest asset - but this proposal favors a sidewalk and roadway over protecting the coast itself. Coastal access is meaningful when there's a coast and beach to visit. Hard armoring such as a seawall or riprap exacerbate erosion. 

If you are interested in helping the chapter advocate for a project that will protect and restore Pacifica’s beach please contact