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They are how we protect our special coastal places

02 • 01 • 2008

Stopped Destructive Development Project at the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve

The San Mateo County Board of supervisors voted to reject the application for a Coastal Development Permit and Coastside Design Review Permit to construct a 3,159 square foot addition to an existing 1,332 square foot residence and detached accessory building on a 11,103 square foot parcel, including the removal of one significant size Cypress tree for property located at 324 The Strand, unincorporated Moss Beach area. The Board voted 4 out of 5 to reject the permit and stopped the project in its tracks. The proposed addition was inappropriately sized considering the sensitivity of the local habitat and the proximity to the coastline within the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve. Also, once approved, this project would likely have required reinforced armoring of the shoreline.