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SMC Surfrider's own Rob "Birdlegs" Cauglan's book: "A Surfer in the White House..." now available

50 years ago Rob "Birdlegs" Caughlan wrote his first article for Surfer Magazine about surfer power. 34 years ago, as the first President of the Surfrider Foundation, he helped put surfers on the map of people with importance and power on coastal issues. Two years ago he helped the Surfrider Foundation win our historic victory in the United States Supreme Court in our effort to maintain access to Martin's Beach. As President Emeritus he has been preaching coastal protection sermons for a long time.

Birdleg's new book A Surfer In The White House: and other salty yarns is a collection of fun and exciting surfing stories, about growing up and surfing on the San Mateo coast. It also includes his experiences as a political and environmental activist. In politics he worked for Congressman Leo Ryan, Pete McCloskey, Dianne Feinstein and in the White House and the EPA for President Jimmy Carter. He collaborated with movie stars including Paul Newman and Robert Redford and William Shatner on various good deeds.

Surfers and activists will enjoy some of his salty yarns. With everyone talking about the Nov. 3rd election, now is the perfect time to order Birdlegs book for a surfer's perspective in the White House. Order on Amazon.

Stay tuned for a book signing announcement in the not too distant future.